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PAGE produces a varity of videos on a number of different subject matters.  See the list below and "mouse over" the title for additional explanations

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    2012 Summer Conference Highlights    Sonoraville Tornado - Casey Baxter, PE Teacher, Sonoraville Elementary School
    2011 Summer Conference Highlights   An Interview with Dr. William C. Hardin-Superintendent, Camden County Schools
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2010 President's Profile (Richard Thomas)

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2011 President's Profile (Vickie Hammond)


2012 PAGE STAR Banquet Report

Welcome PAGE Foundation Chair Allen Thomas

2012 President's Profile (Dr. Tim Mullen)


PAGE Turning Event 2012

2011 PAGE STAR Banquet Report 



PAGE Turning Event 2011 

Interviews with 2011 PAGE STAR State Winners 

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GAESP Recognition of Tom Wommack 

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"The Great Conversation" with Jamie Vollmer (PAGE 2013 Summer Luncheon)


  2013 PAGE STAR Banquet Report  2010 PAGE STAR Banquet Report
        Powerful Tornado No Match for Unified Community 2009 PAGE STAR Banquet Report 

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 2014 PAGE Turning Event - September 15, 2014 - Honoring Wells Fargo and Atlanta Region President Mike Donnelly (Highlights)

PAGE Forum for Candidates

On Monday, September 15, 2014 the PAGE Foundation held its annual Board of Trustees meeting at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Midtown Atlanta.  The highlight of the meeting featured a Candidate Forum during which the Gubernatorial candidates, Governor Nathan Deal and Senator Jason Carter, shared the stage for the first time during their campaigns.  The forum also featured Valarie Wilson and Richard Woods, candidates for the State School Superintendent race. Charles Richardson, current PAGE Foundation Board of Trustees member and Editorial Page Editor for the Macon Telegraph, moderated both discussions.
Below are the complete forum videos and individual video segments from each of the Candidate Forums.

Candidates for Governor Forum
Governor Candidate Forum - (Complete Version)  
Segment 1 - Opening Statements Segment 7 - Full School Year and Local Control
Segment 2 -  Relationship with State School Superintendent Segment 8 - Updating QBE Formulas
Segment 3 -  Education and Economic Development Segment 9 - Governor's Recovering District Proposal
Segment 4 -  Will K-12 Budget Increase? Segment 10 - Helping School Districts and Local Control
Segment 5 -  The Impact of $8 Billion in Cuts and Growing Poverty Segment 11 - Closing Statements
Segment 6 - Charter Schools  
Candidates for State School Superintendent Forum
State School Superintendent Candidate Forum(Complete Version)  
Segment 1 - Opening Statements  Segment 7 - Re-Establishing Working Relationship w/ Governor
Segment 2 - Biggest Success, Biggest Failure?  Segment 8 - Common Core
Segment 3 - How to Eliminate Excessive Testing Segment 9 - Charter Schools & Vouchers
Segment 4 - Georgia Milestone Tests Segment 10 - Can Systems Remain "Traditional"?
Segment 5 - Teacher Accountability Segment 11 - Education and Poverty
Segment 6 - SLO's and Local Tests Segment 12 - Closing Statements